SHAMOT JSC is found on October 20, 1957 with a production capacity of 22000 tons per year of plastic forming fireclay refractories. The production was secured by one tunnel kiln working with generator gas. In 1966 a new workshop for production of semidry pressed refractories was built and put into opera-tion. A second tunnel kiln was installed in 1969. The generator gas was replaced by heavy fuel oil and from 1985 the natural gas is in use. Since 1994 the Company began production of unfired bauxite refractories under licence of REFRACTA S.A., Spain. Since 1997 in operation is production of refractory castables on corundum raw material base. In company now are made too ceramic fibre plates, insulating fireclay bricks, casting slip products, acid-proof bricks, ceramic masses and floor and wall ceramic plates.

The annual production capacity of the Company, currently amounts to 80000 tons of fireclay bricks and 5000 tons of fireclay mortars and nodular fireclays. Presently the following up-to-date highly productive machines and equipment are in use: mill Eirich (Germany), 2 presses Laeis (Germany), 4 presses SM-1085 (Russian), 2 programmable setting equipments - type SGP (Austria) and Bulgaria, burning installations Leisenberg and Klockner (Germany), natural gas batch chamber kiln - Italy etc.